Corporate Values

Intiland’s corporate culture accommodates the spirit and work ethics of the Company. Thus, there are 5 important values in the Company’s culture, namely Trustworthy, Respect, Innovative, Caring and Excellence (TRICE).

TRICE is Intiland’s competitive advantage which the Company has nurtured since the beginning. It also always direct the Company’s activities and decisions. This is what distinguishes the Company from its competitors. The principle held by the Company has helped convince the stakeholders of its excellence and earns the Company their continual respect.

A reliable individual possessing integrity, commitment and responsibility

  • Consistency between words and deed
  • Determination to turn against things that lead to conflict of interest
  • Responsibility and reliability.

An individual who pays respect to people and the environment

  • Respect shown to all
  • Willingness to listen and appreciate the opinion of others
  • Willingness to be a part of the community and the environment.

A visionary individual with the courage to employ breakthrough methods in answering challenges

  • Having determination and spirit to continue learning
  • Courage to delve into a new territory
  • Courage to make decisions based on calculated risks.

An empathetic individual who cares and serves others with heart

  • Service from the heart for others
  • High initiative to help beyond the call of duty
  • Understanding of the plight and feelings of others.

An individual who constantly gives the very best, yet still strives to become even better

  • Determination to achieve beyond the target.
  • Consistency in improving and aiming higher.