Corporate Social Resposibility

Intiland have set a series of goals to give benefit the general population

Intiland have set a series of goals to give benefit the general population. And it is this goal which has provided the Company with its organizational foundation to create the best in innovation and products, which are beneficial not only to the consumers but also to the city development and the general public.

The Company is fully aware of the need for meaningful and positive contribution to the society, either those living in the proximity of the projects or the general populace. This contribution is the main material with which the Company can ensure sustainable business.

This is one philosophy that rings true with the Company’s own vision: To provide an opportunity for all Indonesians to have a comfortable living. The definition of comfortable living is none other than living happily and in prosperity surrounded by loved ones and close associates in a comfortable and delightful home within a clean environment and good facilities.

This vision can only be realized if the Company can achieve harmony with one important element, namely the people whose support has the potential for the Company to operate its businesses and develop its projects well. Intiland holds the strongest conviction that the synergy between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business performance is of the utmost importance to achieve sustainable growth.

Everyone element in Intiland fully realizes the big role played by external factors, namely the society and the environment, as they are instrumental in the Company’s sustainability. That is why the Company is fully committed to its social responsibilities in the form of various programs and activities which are designed to help develop sustainable business. To become a good corporate citizen has been one of the objectives of the Company since its inception, as well as having high social awareness by assisting those in need.

There are important elements which underlines the commitment of the Company in its CSR programs:

  1. CSR is an integral part of the Good Corporate Governance.
  2. There is a global awareness on the importance of good CSR practices.
  3. The growth in the people’s concern for business ethics and accountability.
  4. The emerging expectation for corporates to build synergy and positive collaboration with the society to achieve mutual growth.

Intiland is a leading Indonesian property developer with over 40 years of heritage. Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange since 1991, Intiland is known to be a trend-setter and innovator in the Indonesian property industry

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