Corporate Governance Intiland

As a publicly listed company, Intiland always complies with GCG’s basic principles, which are applied in line with the core values of the Company’s culture.
Intiland sees the practice of GCG as an important engine that drives the Company toward achieving sustainable business growth and building the trust of shareholders and stakeholders, as well as public at large.
To maintain its sustainable growth, the Company adheres to the GCG five basic principles: Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence and Fairness.

Throughout 2014, the Company demonstrated its commitment in the GCG implementation and made sure that the principles were constantly adopted to all of its business activities.
The GCG implementation in Intiland is monitored by the Company’s Internal Audit, whose function is to audit, evaluate and analyze the Company’s business operations. The Internal Audit also identifies potential risks in all the Company’s activities.

The Internal audit liaises with the Audit Committee to discuss and analyze findings. The Audit Committee is to help the Board of Commissioners ensure sound corporate governance practice, maintain an adequate internal control structure and process, and improve the Company’s disclosure quality of financial reporting.

Since 2014, the Board of Directors is assisted by the Quality and Continuous Improvement Division (QCID) to standardize and improve the quality continuously, and identify business risks. Meanwhile, the business development division assists the Board of Directors in analyzing proposals related to new projects as well as providing strategic advisory to mitigate business risks.

Intiland has appointed a Corporate Secretary to maintain the Company’s effective communications with its stakeholders. The Corporate Secretary is tasked to ensure that all the shareholders can access to the Company’s information. The Company also actively holds Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities as part of its commitment to improving the public welfare. In addition to earning monetary value from conducting its businesses, it is also the Company’s focus to enhance the quality of life in the communities where the Company operates