May 03, 2017

PB Tangkas Partners with Intiland for Indonesia’s Badminton Revival

Jakarta (03/05) - Indonesian legendary badminton club, PB Tangkas has partnered with Intiland Foundation in lifting Indonesia's badminton to a new height.

The strategic partnership is based on the vision shared by both parties to usher the new era of badminton glory to the country.

The partnership is between Tangkas Foundation (Yayasan Tangkas), which manages PB. Tangkas, and Intiland Foundation, the umbrella foundation for PT Intiland Development Tbk (Intiland)’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Intiland acts as the principle partner of PB. Tangkas in this mutual collaboration.

Chairman of PB Tangkas, Justian Suhandinata said PB. Tangkas, within its six decades of establishment, has been contributing to the development of the sport badminton in Indonesia. PB Tangkas is committed to playing an important role in the developing the sport which has constantly made the country proud.

“In the last 66 years, we have trained many world-class athletes and played an active role in advancing the sport in the country. Now, PB. Tangkas is taking the next step in its journey by having Intiland as a strategic partner. Intiland is an ideal partner, having the same vision to bring back the country’s glory in this sport,” said Justian.  PB Tangkas expressed his appreciation to PT Intiland Development Tbk, notably the company’s president director, Hendro Gondokusumo, and also all directors and the staff for collaborating with PB. Tangkas and improving Indonesia’s badminton.

As part of the collaboration, the name PB Tangkas officially changed to PB Tangkas Intiland. The name change is accompanied by the introduction of the new logo, both unveiled to the public on May 3, 2017 at Intiland Tower Jakarta.

Vice president director of PT Intiland Development Tbk, Suhendro Prabowo said the partnership with PB Tangkas is based on the company’s commitment to community development as part of corporate social responsibility. Intiland believes the program to nurture and train the young talents is important for the development of badminton in Indonesia.

“We see that PB Tangkas has the commitment to train young talents and produce professional athletes, and many of them have made a name for themselves in the international stage. Getting them “from zero to hero” is a noble cause, and can mean a lot these youngsters and for their future,” said Suhendro.

He added that the partnership with PB Tangkas was also the embodiment of Intiland’s corporate values, namely caring and respect. With the collaboration, Intiland shows that its cares about the development and the future of Indonesian youths. Intiland also respects and appreciates PB Tangkas’s continuous and selfless efforts for advancing badminton in the country, as the association has been doing for decades.

“We see a similarity of vision shared by Intiland and PB Tangkas, that is to contribute to the country’s glory in this sport. This collaboration is a commendable first step to achieve this, to consistently foster Indonesia’s reputation for years to come,” explained Suhendro.

Along with the introduction of the new name, PB. Tangkas Intiland also launched the new logo and brand identity. PB Tangkas Intiland also introduced the company’s new form of commitment dubbed “Reviving Legacy for Indonesia.”

The new logo and identity features more modern and dynamic visual. The logo and identity have two main elements: A shuttlecock with red-and-white ornament as the club’s identity and the national flag, and a symbol of a leaping antelope, all of which represent nimbleness or agility. The color blue shows courage and a commitment, while the color golden for the antelope shows the club’s determination to always go for the gold medal or the highest achievement.

The theme “Reviving Legacy for Indonesia” reflects the commitment and awareness of everyone at PB. Tangkas Intiland, together with all components in Indonesian badminton community to bring home our badminton glory. This commitment is interpreted in a form of training and education, regeneration, and achievements in the international level.


Home of champions

PB Tangkas Intiland’s foray into the sport started on February 21, 1951. In its 66 years’ history, the club has had scores of achievements, and produced many badminton champs for Indonesia.

Hundreds of athletes hailing from PB. Tangkas Intiland have won notable championships in the national, regional (ASEAN), continental (Asia), and international levels. Some of them are eight All England titles, four Olympics medals, and 10 world titles. Athletes from PB. Tangkas Intiland have also joined the national team in various world championships, including Thomas and Uber Cups, Sudirman Cup, and Suhandinata Cup.

Some of the athletes from PB. Tangkas Intiland who have won world titles are Ade Chandra who partnered with Christian Hadinata having won men’s double world championship in 1980 in Jakarta; Verawaty Fadjrin, who won the women’s single world championship in 1980 in Jakarta; and Icuk Sugiarto the winner of men’s single world championship in 1983 in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are also Joko Suprianto, the men’s single world championship title holder in 1993 in Birmingham, England; and the men’s double Ricky Subagdja and Gunawan, who took home world championship title also in 1993, in Birmingham, England. In 1995, Ricky Subagdja who partnered with Rexy Mainaky won the men’s double world championship in Lausanne, Swiss.

In 2001, the PB. Tangkas’ athlete, Hendrawan won the world championship title in Sevilla, Spain. Nova Widhianto and Liliyana Natsir won mixed double championship titles in 2005 in Anaheim, USA, and in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. In 2013, Lilyana Natsir, playing with Tontowi, won mixed double world championship title in Guangzhou, China. The latest on a long string of achievements strung by the athletes hailing from the club is Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, who with his partner from national training camp, Kevin Sanjaya, won three titles back-to-back: All England, India Open, and Malaysia Open 2017.

With the new identity, PB. Tangkas Intiland will focus on the fostering young talents in badminton from across the archipelago. The club has prepared training programs which will prepare its athletes to compete in the highest level, with the spirit of bringing back the glory of Indonesian badminton.*** 


About PB Tangkas Intiland

Tangkas Intiland is a badminton club founded on February 21, 1955, under the name of PB. Tangkas. The founders included RD Saputra, Soewarjo, Said, Kosasih and several other notable names in the national badminton scene. The Suhandinatas family joined the club in 1957 and, under the family’s direction, the club started winning various badminton championships in the national level. Throughout the club’s 66 years of history, PB. Tangkas Intiland has given birth to eight All England champs, 10 world champs, and four Olympic medal winners, as well as hundreds of titles in the town level (South Jakarta), the provincial level (DKI Jakarta), in the national level, the regional level (ASEAN), in the continental level (Asia), and in the global stage.