August 05, 2017

Intiland Hands Over Decent Home

Intiland Foundation started the handover process of 25 houses and public sanitation facilities to the chosen families as part of Intiland Teduh Program.

Jakarta, August 5, 2017 | The national property developer, PT Intiland Development Tbk., through Intiland Foundation started the handover process of decent homes to the people of Kampung Pekong, Desa Saga, Tangerang Regency. The handover was part of the Intiland Teduh program, which is also part of the company’s CSR activities. The program aims at helping the underprivileged in the form of providing them with decent houses.

The handover ceremony was attended by the management of Intiland and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia (Habitat) and the locals, held on August 5, 2017 at the development site in Kampung Pekong, Balaraja, Tangerang. Habitat, which has partnered with Intiland Foundation in the program, is a non-profit organization experienced in the development and the distribution of houses for the underprivileged in various locations in Indonesia through their Community-based Decent Home Development Aid program.

Intiland’s corporate secretary, who is also head of Intiland CSR program, Theresia Rustandi said that with the program the company is committed to helping people live a more decent life. The aid program was focused on the underprivileged living not far from the sites of the company’s development projects.

“Intiland wants to grow with the community living near the sites of its development projects. Desa Pekong was chosen because of its location near Talaga Bestari, a residential estate we are developing in Cikupa,” said Theresia at the handover ceremony. Intiland Foundation and Habitat also collaborate and involve the village and kelurahan (urban village) administrations, and local figures to determine who are entitled to be the recipients of the aid.

Intiland Foundation developed and distributed 25 houses to chosen families. The company started the development of the houses, which are also completed with public sanitation facilities, on March 25, 2017. The work involved various parties and volunteers, including Intiland’s employees and Habitat’s volunteers, and active participation from the locals. The recipients also participated in the construction process.

Theresia said the policy to involve the locals and the recipients is to foster the sense of belonging and strong bond in the community. In support of this policy, Habitat ran a training program on how to manage healthy home and gave dissemination on clean and healthy living.

“We want to help people have a better life, not just with a home, but also with a strong community, and we want to share information about healthy living,” she explained.

Intiland Foundation is the umbrella for all Intiland’s CSR programs and activities. Intiland has executed a series of CSR programs and activities in the fields of education, environment, and socio-cultural development. One of Intiland Teguh’s main programs aims at helping the underprivileged have decent living. The program is the realization of the company’s commitment to present comfortable living to Indonesian families and society.

Introduced in 2014, Intiland Teduh has executed various social programs. One of them is collaborating with Jakarta government to develop Children-friendly Public Open Spaces (RPTRA). Intiland Teduh has developed RPTRA in three kelurahan, namely in Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta; in Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta; and in Semper, North Jakarta.

Another program is providing aids for the rental of government-subsidized apartments to the tenants of three rusunawa (rented government-subsidized low-level apartment) in Pesakih, Pinus Elok, and Marunda. Another program is the development of rusunami (privately-owned low-level apartment) in collaboration with Indonesian Real Estate Association (REI). Through these various programs, the company is committed to being proactive in improving the welfare of the people.*