August 22, 2017

Intiland Launches New Project, Fifty Seven Promenade

The company set to launch Fifty Seven Promenade, an integrated mixed-use & high-rise development in a Jakarta’s central business district.

Jakarta (22/08) – The national property developer, PT Intiland Development Tbk. (Intiland; DILD) soon will launch an integrated mixed-use & high-rise development in a Jakarta’s central business district. The new project, Fifty Seven Promenade, is slated to launch on August 26, 2017.

Fifty Seven Promenade is a big-scale mixed-use & high rise development project situated in a very strategic location along Thamrin-Sudirman business corridor in Central Jakarta. To occupy an area of 3.2 hectares, the new project will offer diverse functions, including condominium towers, office space, serviced apartment, and promenade.

Capital and Investment Management director of Intiland, Archied Noto Pradono explained that the development of Fifty Seven Promenade was the company’s strategic policy to meet the demand for modern residential and commercial facilities in Jakarta’s central business district. The project’s location is very strategic and close to the city’s infrastructure network and main public transportation facilities.

“Even though the property market is still challenging, we remain confident that there is always a demand for residences and offices that are convenient and easily accessible. These factors—convenience and easy access, as well as great neighborhoods, are the main selling advantages and vital points the consumers can expect from Fifty Seven Promenade project,” he added. 

Fifty Seven Promenade will occupy an area near Hotel Indonesia Roundabout and several Indonesia’s best shopping centers, hotels and office complexes. The area also benefits from its very close location from the city’s modern public transportation system, such as mass rapid transit (MRT) and light rail transit (LRT) lanes, Transjakarta bus stations, and airport’s skytrain. The development of the modern rail infrastructure is to be completed in 2019.

“The area is highly mature; all facilities to provide comfort and convenience are already available. These include the city’s integrated public transportation network centered around this area,” Archied explained.

The company plans to develop Fifty Seven Promenade in two phases. The first phase of the development covers an area of 1.3 hectares, and includes two condominium towers: The 24-story City57, and the Sky57 with its 49 floors and five-floor basement area. For Phase II, the development of the other 1.9 hectares will include two office towers, one serviced apartment tower, and promenade retail area.

In the first phase, the condominiums will have 496 residential units of several types, from a studio to a three-bedroom units.

City57 condominium tower will boast 260 residential units comprising studio units, each of 42 sqm; a one-bedroom type of 55 sqm; and the two-bedroom units of 104 sqm. Sky57 condominium tower will have 236 units, and they comprise one-bedroom units of 82 sqm, the two-bedroom units of 115 sqm, and the three-bedroom units of 183 sqm.

Aside from the advantages in terms of its location, convenience, accessibility and its great neighborhoods, Fifty Seven Promenade also comes with winning facilities. One special feature of the condominium is the placement of its facilities on the top floor of City57 tower, or on the 22nd and 23rd floors. With this concept, the residents are treated to a higher level of privacy and experiences to enjoy all the available facilities.

The area will also have a sky garden, a bridge that connects City57 and Sky57 towers. At the area, the company will develop main facilities, like a sky lounge, a semi outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground, spa and sauna area, gym, entertainment area, and a private dining room.

On the top floor of Sky57 tower, there will be an indoor swimming pool that offers a view of Jakarta’s skyline from this area. The total area for the facilities reaches 5,000 sqm.

Besides these facilities, Fifty Seven Promenade will also feature al fresco retail facility, which adopts the concept of a waterfront, and is completed with a jogging track. To give even additional comfort and convenience to the residents, there will be 24-hour concierge and other services, including housekeeping, laundry, and shuttle bus, to take residents to shopping centers and public transportation centers, like MRT, LRT stations and Transjakarta bus stations.  

The development of Fifty Seven Promenade adopts a design concept which puts to the fore the lifestyle of the urbanites as the inspiration. The concept of compact, practical, and functional space becomes the focus, without sacrificing the comfort and privacy of the residents.

Intiland is partnering with several prominent local and international consultants to develop the project. The architectural design of Fifty Seven Promenade is in the hands of the British consulting firm, Broadway Malyan as the main architecture consultant, with PT Pandega Desain Weharima (PDW) as the local architecture consultant. Davy Sukamta & Partners works as the structural consultant, and for the landscaping, the company has appointed Belt Collins Singapore. The Singapore-based Ines Gerlacht Interior will handle the interior design of the project. The company has set a target for commencing the construction of Fifty Seven Promenade in the first quarter of 2018.*)