Since its first inception, Intiland has been committed to providing best products and services

Innovation and strategic planning are the modes of work that distinguish Intiland as a property developer.
The Company's portfolio includes mixed-use and high rise development, the middle to high-end residential estate, townships, as well as industrial estate in the Greater Jakarta and Surabaya and investment properties. The Company has also expanded its business to hospitality industry by developing hotel chain and operating golf courses and sport facilities in several cities in Indonesia.

With the emergence of green movement, which also permeated into property sector about a decade ago, Intiland always takes environmental aspects into account in its property projects. The Company had also implemented the green building principles in its previous projects.

Mixed-Use & High Rise The concept that lies in the mixed-use development is a solution to comfortable living in busy metropolises.

Landed Residentials The Company puts to the fore prime locations and the comfort of privacy for the residents in its residential projects.

Industrial Estate The quality of infrastructure and strategic location has become the winning advantage of The Company’s Industrial Estate Development.

Investments Properties The Company has developed several property investments, such as office building management, retail, hospital, hotel chain, golf course and sports club.

Intiland is a leading Indonesian property developer with over 40 years of heritage. Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1991, Intiland is known to be a trend-setter and innovator in the Indonesian property industry.

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