May Fair

We invite you to join the journey of finding your dream home

Intiland is holding an integrated expo in Surabaya dubbed “Intiland May Fair”, from May 7 to 28. Unlike other major property exhibitions, Intiland May Fair is taking place simultaneously in six different project locations carrying the theme “May Fair, My Journey”.   

Consumers are invited to join “May Fair, My Journey” program, which offers an opportunity to have an adventure to six different locations of the expo, namely Graha Natura residential complex, and Graha Golf, Praxis, Sumatra36, The Rosebay, and Spazio Tower apartment complexes.

People who want to participate in “May Fair, My Journey” program can register starting from May 5, 2017 at Intiland office on the 8th floor of Spazio Tower, or at each of the project’s marketing office. The program participants will get a guidebook for each different project. Then, during a visit to the expo location at each project’s show unit, the participants can enjoy the benefit from a special promotional program for each sales transaction.

The Company has prepared a series of special promotional programs throughout the expo. These include the ease of the twenty-percent down payment as the customer can make the payment in 15 installments maximum. There are also discount packages from five to15 percent off the market price. Besides the special promotional program, the customers also get a chance to participate in lottery drawing which offers a grandprize of 50 grams of gold.