informasi perseoran

: PT Intiland Development Tbk
: Public Company
: June 10, 1983
Legal Basis for the Establishment
: Deed No.118 dated June 10, 1983 made before Notary Kartini Muljadi, SH
Authorized Capital
: Rp6.,-
Issued and Fully Paid Capital
: Rp2.591.463.546.250,-
Listing of Shares on the Stock Exchange
: January 15, 1990
Head Office
: Intiland Tower, Penthouse Floor. Jl. Jendral Sudirman 32, Jakarta 10220
: +62 21 570 1912 – 570 8808
: +62 21 570 0014 , 570 0015

Intiland is present among you as a leading property developer with over 40 years of experience

About Us

Intiland is ready to serve Indonesia’s needs by providing residential, office building, retail, industrial estate, and many more. Intiland has developed some iconic buildings, such as Intiland Tower designed by renowned architect Paul Rudolph, as well as the seafront condominium Regatta and the integrated office South Quarter, both which were designed by Tom Wright, the architect of Burj Al Arab. Intiland has also built some prestigious and eco-friendly residential areas in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya for those who love the comfort of luxury living.

Trust your needs to Intiland. Only with your trust, we can continue to develop your dream property in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission


To provide possibilities of not only living, but living well throughout Indonesia. Living well is living a happy life surrounded by loved ones and good friends in a comfortable and beautiful home in a clean and picturesque environment with excellent facilities.


To be reputed as a transparent, trustworthy, and trendsetting property developer committed to highly sustainable and long-term growth and profitability that deals fairly with all stakeholders. 

Intiland’s corporate culture accommodates the spirit and work ethics of the Company. Thus, there are 5 important values in the Company’s culture, namely Trustworthy, Respect, Innovative, Caring and Excellence (TRICE).

TRICE is Intiland’s competitive advantage which the Company has nurtured since the beginning. It also always direct the Company’s activities and decisions. This is what distinguishes the Company from its competitors. The principle held by the Company has helped convince the stakeholders of its excellence and earns the Company their continual respect.

  • A reliable individual possessing integrity, commitment and responsibility
  • Consistency between words and deed
  • Determination to turn against things that lead to conflict of interest
  • Responsibility and reliability
  • An individual who pays respect to people and the environment
  • Respect shown to all
  • Willingness to listen and appreciate the opinion of others
  • Willingness to be a part of the community and the environment
  • A visionary individual with the courage to employ breakthrough methods in answering challenges
  • Having determination and spirit to continue learning
  • Courage to delve into a new territory
  • Courage to make decisions based on calculated risks
  • An empathetic individual who cares and serves others with heart
  • Service from the heart for others
  • High initiative to help beyond the call of duty
  • Understanding of the plight and feelings of others
  • An individual who constantly gives the very best, yet still strives to become even better
  • Determination to achieve beyond the target
  • Consistency in improving and aiming higher