informasi perseoran

: PT Intiland Development Tbk
: Public Company
: June 10, 1983
Legal Basis for the Establishment
: Deed No.118 dated June 10, 1983 made before Notary Kartini Muljadi, SH
Authorized Capital
: Rp6.,-
Issued and Fully Paid Capital
: Rp2.591.463.546.250,-
Listing of Shares on the Stock Exchange
: January 15, 1990
Head Office
: Intiland Tower, Penthouse Floor. Jl. Jendral Sudirman 32, Jakarta 10220
: +62 21 570 1912 – 570 8808
: +62 21 570 0014 , 570 0015

Intiland is present among you as a leading property developer with over 40 years of experience

About Us

Intiland is ready to serve Indonesia’s needs by providing residential, office building, retail, industrial estate, and many more. Intiland has developed some iconic buildings, such as Intiland Tower designed by renowned architect Paul Rudolph, as well as the seafront condominium Regatta and the integrated office South Quarter, both which were designed by Tom Wright, the architect of Burj Al Arab. Intiland has also built some prestigious and eco-friendly residential areas in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya for those who love the comfort of luxury living.

Trust your needs to Intiland. Only with your trust, we can continue to develop your dream property in Indonesia.

Vision and Mission


To provide possibilities of not only living, but living well throughout Indonesia. Living well is living a happy life surrounded by loved ones and good friends in a comfortable and beautiful home in a clean and picturesque environment with excellent facilities.


To be reputed as a transparent, trustworthy, and trendsetting property developer committed to highly sustainable and long-term growth and profitability that deals fairly with all stakeholders. 

  • 1970-1989

  • 1990-1998

  • 2000-2010

  • 2011-2016

Jan 1989

Commencing development of the first reclaim housing estate in South East Asia, Pantai Mutiara, North Jakarta.
Starting development of Taman Semanan Indah, Jakarta

Jan 1986

Completion of Intiland Tower Jakarta

Jan 1983

Group consolidated under the name PT Wisma Dharmala Sakti

Jan 1982

Starting development of Taman Harapan Indah, Jakarta

Jan 1974

Starting first development, Cilandak Garden Housing

Jan 1998

Completion of Kondominium Kintamani, one of a few projects successfully handed over to customers during the Indonesia financial crisis

Jan 1997

Completion of Intiland Tower Surabaya

Jan 1992

Starting development of the first golf-themed housing estate in Surabaya, Graha Famili, Surabaya

Jan 1991

Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (then Jakarta Stock Exchange), share code: DILD.JK

Jan 1990

Branched into Industrial Estate with the commencement of Ngoro Industrial Park, Mojokerto, East Java

Aug 2010

Completion of Whiz Hotel Yogyakarta, the first hotel by PT Intiwhiz International, The Company’s subsidiary

Jun 2010

Starting development of Graha Natura, Surabaya

Jun 2010

Stock split 1:2 from 5.1 billion share to 10.2 billion share

Apr 2010

Rights Issue of 2,073,170,722 shares valued at Rp2.07 trillion or Rp1,000 per share

Feb 2010

Launching of new high rise residential development, 1Park Residences in Jakarta

Nov 2008

Completion of Regatta phase I

Jun 2007

Corporate restructuring. Debt equity swap converting Rp1.1 trilion outstanding debt into 2.2 trilion shares. Rebranding to PT Intiland Development Tbk. Appointment of new CEO and Board of Directors

Jan 2006

Starting development of seafront condominium, Regatta in Pantai Mutiara, Jakarta

Nov 2016

1Park Avenue starts units handover

Sep 2016

Topping-off Regatta Phase II, Jakarta

Sep 2016

Starting the development of Graha Natura phase II, Surabaya

Jun 2016

Second Public Bonds Offering worth Rp590 billion Distributed dividends worth Rp51.33 billion or Rp5 per share. The value of the dividends is equivalent to 12.78 percent of the Company’s total net profit booked in 2015 at Rp401.48 billion

May 2016

Official opening of South Quarter DOME, Jakarta

Jan 2016

Launching new project, The Rosebay, Surabaya

Jul 2015

Launching new project, Graha Golf in Graha Famili, Surabaya

Jan 2015

Completion of South Quarter, Jakarta
South Quarter receives Gold – Design Recognition certification from Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI)

Dec 2014

Completion of Sumatra36, Surabaya

Oct 2014

Starting development of Spazio Tower, Surabaya

Jun 2014

Launching and Groundbreaking of Regatta phase II, Jakarta

Jun 2014

Divested 60% share of PT Intiland Infinita

Mar 2014

Commencing the construction of Praxis, Surabaya

Sep 2013

Commencing buyback a total of 98,755,000 shares worth Rp31.74 billion

Jun 2013

Initial Public Bonds offering worth Rp500 billion

Apr 2013

Launch of a new mixed-use and high rise development, Praxis, CBD Surabaya

Apr 2013

Starting development of 1park Avenue condominium, Kebayoran, South Jakarta

Sep 2012

Starting development of Sumatra36, Surabaya

Jan 2012

Grand Opening of National Hospital Surabaya

Nov 2011

Launching of South Quarter, a new integrated business complex development in South Jakarta

Oct 2011

Starting development of Aeropolis, a new development near Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Oct 2011

Launch of new landed residential development, Serenia Hills in South Jakarta